Solent Slot Car Club

 Once a year the Solent group of the charity Friends of Chernobyl's Children (FOCC) play host to about 12 children in July. Over 3 Thursday evenings the SSCC runs a racing tournament for the children. This is very popular and we've been doing it every year since 2003. 26th of April 1986 reactor number 4 exploded in Chernobyl. The wind blew the radiation over Belarus were these children where born and now live. The country won't really be safe to live in for another 24 thousand years. A month out of that environment is great for the childrens health.



 On the third Thursday the prizes are given out. Nobody leaves empty handed. In the back row are five members of the SSCC flanked by the childrens' 2 translators and Guardians



Thanks for our card, see you next year 

 12 Hour Charity Race for FOCC

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