Solent Slot Car Club

 The Solent Slot Car Club started in March 2003. The founder members had been racing each other for some time and so it was decided to build a new permenant club track. One of the hardest things when setting up a club is finding an affordable venue, especially if you want a permanent layout. Luckily one of the racers knew of a little used room in his church. Gosport Methodist church became the home of the S.S.C.C. Many of us have been collecting and racing slot cars since the '60s and '70s and brought along our spare track and original Scalextric buildings. From this a 6 lane track was built complete with buildings, spectators and many intricate details. Several members of our club are electronic and software engineers and we soon had the racing under computer control. Infra LEDs can be seen on the gantry in the adjacent picture. Infrared detectors in the slot detects the car as it passes over.  

We Race on Monday and Tuesday nights. Monday night racing is for 1:32nd cars with the classes closer to box standard. Tuesday night racing is for 1:32nd cars with more classes for modified and tuned cars.


The S.S.C.C. is a non profit making club.

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Building the Club